National Security Office

The National Security Office (hereinafter: UNS) was founded in May 1993 by the Croatian President’s decree, which marked the foundation and development of the intelligence community concept in the Republic of Croatia. The National Security Office Act, passed in May 1995, provided the normative regulation of the operations preformed by the intelligence community.

The National Security Office was an executive state authority which coordinated, directed, and supervised the work of government administration bodies performing operations relevant for the national security.

The UNS’s scope of operations was determined by the National Security Office Act, and was defined as follows:
  • it coordinated the state ministries in matters of national security
  • it directed and supervised the intelligence and counterintelligence agencies in their work in the intelligence community
  • it combined, analyzed and evaluated intelligence and reports required to exercise constitutional privileges of the Croatian President and the Croatian Government
  • it managed counterintelligence protection and security of the Croatian President, the Croatian Parliament, and the Croatian Government as well as the property in their use.
In order for the UNS’s scope of operations defined by law to be realized, three agencies were founded:
  • Croatian Intelligence Service (HIS)
  • Control and Supervision Service (NS)
  • Security Headquarters (SO)
In order for the expert operations within UNS to be performed, the following expert services were also founded:
  • National Service for Electronic Monitoring (NSEI)
  • Intelligence Academy

UNS’s operations were managed by a director appointed and dismissed by the Croatian President, and the director accounted for his work and the work of UNS directly to the President. Operations of each service were managed by the respective service directors, appointed and dismissed by the Croatian President at the proposal of the UNS director.

In order to direct and coordinate state ministries in conducting national security operations the Joint National Security Committee (SONS) was founded within UNS.

The oversight of the legality of UNS’s operations was performed by the House of Representatives of the Croatian Parliament through the Committee for Internal Affairs and National Security.

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UNS Directors, from 1994 to 2002

Hrvoje Šarinić
– UNS Director
from 3 April 1993 to 12 October 1994
Krunislav Olujić
– UNS Director
from 12 October 1994 to 18 May 1995
Miroslav Tuđman – acting
– UNS Director
from 14 June 1995 to 1 February 1996
Luka Bebić
– UNS Director
from 1 February 1996 to 15 December 1996
Ivan Jarnjak
– UNS Director
from 16 December 1996 to 20 December 2000
Tomislav Karamarko
– UNS Director
from 21 February 2000 to 01 April 2002

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