What is SOA?

What is SOA

Our work consists of special forms of collecting information relevant to national security, followed by processing and analyzing such information for the purpose of providing intelligence support to policy makers and competent state bodies.


We collect and analyze information with the aim of detecting and preventing the activities of individuals or groups that are directed: against the independence, integrity and sovereignty of the Republic of Croatia or aimed at the violent overthrow of the constitutional order; threatening to violate human rights and basic freedoms or to endanger the fundaments of the economic system of the Republic of Croatia.


SOA also collects and analyzes political, economic, scientific-technological and security-related information concerning foreign countries, organizations, political and economic alliances, groups and persons and other information relevant to national security.


Our work consists of:

  • Collecting information in Croatia and abroad by using a wide range of measures, including human and open sources and technical devices,

  • Processing and analyzing collected information and informing the competent bodies about our findings,

  • Investigating and preventing foreign intelligence activity directed against Croatia's interests,

  • Making security judgments and assessments,

  • Conducting security vetting.


We collect and analyze information concerning:

  • Security-political and economic processes and phenomena in surrounding countries and the world that might affect Croatia's interests and security,

  • Terrorist threats, other forms of organized violent activities in Croatia and the world, proliferation of WMD,

  • The activities of foreign intelligence services that might endanger Croatian national interests,

  • Extremist activities that threaten the constitutional order, human rights and freedoms,

  • Organized crime and corruption,

  • War crimes, persons captured during the Homeland War that are considered missing, unrevealed mass graves,

  • Unauthorized entry into the protected information and communication systems of state bodies, disclosure of classified data

  • Threats to the safety of top state officials and protected facilities and areas.


We report our findings and assessments relevant to national security to legally authorized users of SOA information (the state leadership, ministries and other state bodies).


SOA is part of a wider system of national security and its functioning has a substantial inter-ministerial component. Therefore we regularly cooperate with and deliver information and assessments to authorized state bodies such as the Ministry of Internal Affairs (MUP), the Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs (MVEP), the State Attorney's Office, the Office for Combating Corruption and Organized Crime (USKOK), the Ministry of Defense (MORH), the Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of Economy and other bodies.


In fulfilling our tasks we develop partnerships with a large number of security-intelligence services from other countries and participate in the work of several international security-intelligence forums and organizations. We consider these partnerships extremely important, as modern security challenges, like terrorism and organized crime, have a transnational character and no country can cope with them on its own, but only by way of international cooperation. In addition, through international cooperation we receive information and gain insight into certain phenomena and processes that could not be covered by our own resources, but might represent a threat to Croatia’s interests, such as piracy at sea, organized criminal groups from other continents and global terrorism.