SOA employees

SOA employees

As with any other organization, it is the people who make our Agency. Technological advancements and relying on modern technologies have not reduced the importance of the human factor in the success of organizations, especially in the security-intelligence field of work. The quality of our work primarily depends on the abilities, knowledge and skills of our employees.


The actual number of SOA personnel is classified, but it is similar to that of security-intelligence agencies of comparable EU and NATO member countries. The majority of SOA employees are authorized officers, with a significantly lesser part being support staff.


Due to the specific nature of our work, but also risks and dangers that SOA officers might be exposed to, we are obliged to protect their identity.


Our scope of work requires having employees of different professional specialties and profiles, in order to fill posts of analysts, operatives, experts for human resources, legal and financial affairs, and support staff (administrative secretaries, security staff etc.).


The educational structure of our personnel is very diverse and depends on the requirements of a particular workplace. Thus at SOA we have people with degrees in economics, IT, political sciences, law, criminology, foreign languages, electrical engineering and various other fields of expertise. Three-quarters of SOA employees have some level of higher education.


Women make up around 40% of the overall workforce and they perform the same duties as their male colleagues. The age structure of SOA employees mostly ranges from 30 to 50 years of age, with less than 10% of the workforce being over 50.


SOA provides its employees with possibilities for professional development in various fields. Particular attention is devoted to specialist education, training and improving the expertise of our officers. Besides in intelligence and counterintelligence techniques, additional training is recommended and available in fields such as IT, modern technologies, communications, finance and human resources. The professional development of our personnel is additionally stimulated through cooperation with education and research institutions. Furthermore, guest lecturers are invited from scientific, economic, financial and other expert fields to give presentations to SOA employees.