Employment at SOA

Employment at SOA

Working at SOA provides a unique career opportunity for specific, challenging and dynamic work in the interest of the general well-being.


Technological advancements and reliance on contemporary technologies have not reduced the importance of the human factor in the success of security and intelligence activities which still depends on the competences, knowledge and skills of operatives. Therefore, we recognize our employees as our most valuable resource.


Most of the staff at the Agency are authorized officers, with a minor proportion of support staff.


Security-intelligence activities require experts in various professions such as economists, IT specialists, political scientists, legal professionals, forensic scientists, language teachers, electrical engineers and other professions. Such a wide range of professionals and experts allow the Agency to engage in a broad scope of activities.


Three-quarters of SOA’s employees hold advanced and higher degrees. Women make up approximately 40% of the workforce and they are equal in performing all tasks in SOA’s scope of work.


SOA’s staff are categorized by job descriptions into operatives, analyst, IT specialists, human recourse specialists, legal and financial officers, and support staff (administrative secretaries, security staff, etc.).


SOA provides its employees with opportunities for professional development in a variety of fields, with particular focus on professional learning and skills training courses. In the process, particular emphasis was placed on the human resource development through professional training and specialized courses.


SOA employs competent and educated individuals with appropriate knowledge, skills and motivation for contemporary security-intelligence work.