Counterintelligence protection

Counterintelligence protection

SOA in cooperation with other responsible bodies participates in the security of protected persons, objects and premises by means of making security assessments on threats posed towards the same and providing security vetting for persons who have access. Security vetting is also performed for persons employed for their physical and technical protection, technical and computer maintenance and persons participating in works being conducted in protected objects and premises which have influence on security measures.


We are involved in the counterintelligence dimension of all significant public gatherings in which protected persons participate, such as public commemorations of national holidays, official state visits or international gatherings and conferences.


When conducting counterintelligence measures for protected persons, facilities and premises, counter-listening protection and checks of protected facilities and premises are made. We also participate in the planning, conducting and oversight of technical and physical security measures of those facilities.


SOA pays special attention to anonymous and public threats and insults made towards protected persons. We strive to identify their authors, reasons for their making and then adopt decisions on the potential threat posed.


In this field of activity we cooperate with the Ministry of Interior, the Croatian parliament, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Ministry of Defense and other state bodies.