Information security

Information security

State administration bodies have access to information that has a high level of confidential political, military, economic and other content, which may be subject of interest for foreign intelligence services, foreign economic subjects, but also for criminal and terrorist groups.


Information security encompasses five areas: security vetting, physical security, security of data, security of information systems and business cooperation. The UVNS is responsible for ascertaining and conducting measures and standards for information security.


The development of technology means that all the more data that is significant for national security is stored in information systems of state department bodies or is exchanged via information-communication channels. SOA is responsible for uncovering and preventing unauthorized entry into protected information and communication systems of state bodies and disclosure of classified information.


Electronic attacks and threats towards information systems are becoming all the more complex, and adequate response requires constant learning, monitoring of trends and innovativeness in solutions. The possible cyber threat towards Croatia is not negligible due to the high level of computer knowledge and experience possible cyber hackers have and the relatively wide circle of their like-thinkers capable of conducting such attacks.


Information security is also very important for economic subjects in Croatia, especially those using modern, high technology. Technological secrets may be a subject of interest for various individuals, organizations, but also certain countries. This field has a much expressed inter-departmental character and SOA is in cooperation with bodies of public authority, state and other institutions in all segments of conducting measures, procedures and standards of information security. Cooperation on these matters is especially intensive with the Croatian Government, UVNS, ZSIS, MUP, VSOA, Ministry of Justice, DORH and MVEP.