Global challenges

Global challenges

Modern security challenges and risks are characterized by great dynamics and global scope. Globalization processes mean that crisis areas in the world and new threats have global consequences, from political to economic or energy.


Changes to global divisions of power and interests cause destabilization of various regions together with outbreaks of conflicts and crisis areas. The global economic crisis, climate changes and developing technologies have further quickened this process and have spread their consequences throughout the world.


Croatia’s membership in NATO and the EU gave it a wider scope of activity and interests which it must follow. Thus, the strengthening of its position in these integrations is very important in securing the protection of our vital national interests.


SOA is carefully monitoring significant political, security and economic processes in the world, especially those that may influence political-security stability in Croatia, its surroundings, but also integrations of which it is a member.


In order to anticipate possible threats towards Croatian citizens, national interests or the international position of Croatia, we collect and analyze information on processes in the world that may be of detriment to Croatia’s political, economic, energy, trade, traffic and other activities, as well as processes relevant for Croatian participation in the EU and NATO.


Furthermore, we monitor and analyze relevant political events, initiatives and processes in countries that have significant influence on politics in the region, European politics and crisis areas, as well as processes in countries where Croatia participates in peace-keeping missions with its military and/or civilian components. Hence, in recent years we have given special attention to changes occurring in conjunction with the so-called Arab Spring and conflicts in the area of Northern Africa and the Middle East.


In order to gain a better view of global security processes, we maintain cooperation with foreign partners at bilateral and multilateral levels, as we do with other state bodies in Croatia.


One important issue for national security, which also presents a global security challenge, is preventing proliferation of weapons for mass destruction (WMD). Such spreading of WMD (chemical, biological, nuclear and other) threatens not only Croatian national security but that of its allies as well.


SOA is constantly active in conducting measures for prevention of proliferation of WMD, by which the greatest threat comes from the use of Croatian territory as a transit state.


SOA also monitors the area of dual-use goods, namely, goods having an ordinary civilian purpose which may also serve as components for creating weapons for mass destruction.


Addressing these security challenges involves close cooperation between countries of the international community and organizations. Croatia actively participates in global international legal instruments in the field of arms control and disarmament.