Recruitment and hiring process

Recruitment and hiring process

A thorough selection and recruitment procedure is carried out. In accordance with the relevant legislation, an administrative competition is not necessary for employment in the SOA. All interested candidates may fill out and submit their applications using the web forms at


All candidates must meet general requirements for employment in public administration and specific requirements of security and intelligence work such as particular level of medical and psychological abilities, particular level of expert knowledge and skills and are required to meet security standards established in the security vetting procedure.


All submitted applications are considered. In line with the current needs, candidates that meet the qualification requirements are invited to participate in the selection process, on equal terms.


The selection process includes security vetting, various knowledge and skills test, psychological assessment and medical assessment. The selection procedure also includes polygraph testing. Those candidates whose test results correspond most with the employee profile will be selected.


A career at SOA is not just an ordinary job. SOA issues an open call to all perspective candidates to apply for the admission procedure. While previous working experience is not necessary, it is not a disadvantage for employment at the Agency. All candidates whose qualifications and competences correspond to the Agency’s current needs will be considered in the recruitment process. The Agency mostly employs operatives in the regional centers. Analyst and IT specialist are usually based at the headquarters.