Cyber security

Cyber security

Hacker attacks on information systems and data networks represent one of the most effective ways of collecting large amounts of intelligence. This method is also one of the safest for the “attackers”. Such attacks can be carried our remotely, disguised in many layers of protection of the location, identity and purposes of the “attackers”.


For these reasons, and as part of the offensive intelligence activity, certain countries collect information on other countries by hacking into their protected information and communication systems in order to obtain information on decision-making processes in those countries.


Such state-sponsored cyber attacks bear the features of hacker processes. They require high level of covert agency over an extended period of time and the use of advanced offensive tools that are generally impossible to detect with traditional antivirus software.


The Republic of Croatia has been the target of cyber information collection. Cyber attackers are motivated by twofold interests; to collect information pertaining to Croatian security, political, economic and other processes and to collect information of the Euro-Atlantic integration of which the Republic of Croatia is a member.


SOA has acted to detect and suppress state-sponsored cyber attacks. Globally, the incidence of cyber-security attacks is on the rise. Although most cyber attacks are related to cyber-crime, trends point to the increase in the incidence and severity of cyber attacks on the information systems of critical infrastructure.


Cyber attacks may have detrimental consequences on the physical world, threatening to the financial world and human lives.


SOA cooperates and with national authorities and international partners in prevention and suppression of cyber challenges. SOA has actively participated in the work of the National Council for the Cyber Security and the Operational-Technical Coordination for Cyber Security. These bodies are tasked with monitoring cyber security and initiating activities in cases of cyber crisis.