Intelligence Agency

By passing a new Security Services Act in April 2002, the Intelligence Agency (OA) took over the property, the employees, the majority of authorities and the ongoing operations of the former UNS, i.e. HIS.

In accordance with the above mentioned Act, through its out-of-country operations, OA analyzed, processed and evaluated data of political, economic, security and military nature relating to foreign countries, international governmental and non-governmental organizations, political, military and economic alliances, groups and persons, especially those which suggest intentions, opportunities, hidden agendas and secret operations aimed at threatening national security.

Also, by cooperating with the relevant services of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, it provided counterintelligence security to Croatian citizens and institutions out of the country.

In addition to that, OA cooperated with foreign security services and other corresponding services by exchanging data and information and performing operations defined by its scope of operations, as well as coordinated the cooperation of other Croatian security services with their foreign partners.

OA Directors, from 2002 to 2006

Damir Lončarić
- HIS Director
from 24 May 2000 to 28 March 2002,
from 29 March 2002 to 04 May 2003
OA Acting Director,
and from 05 May 2003 to 20 September 2004
OA Director
Veselko Grubišić
- OA Director
from 20 September 2004 to 15 August 2006