The description of the official SOA emblem

The official SOA emblem is placed on a rotated square, the size of 65x65 mm diagonally, made on the principles of gold carving.
In the middle of the emblem is the coat of arms of the Republic of Croatia, signifying the Agency’s importance at the state level.
The coat of arms is placed on a silver background.
Around the coat of arms there are two concentric circles surrounding the Agency’s full name -
REPUBLIC OF CROATIA, SECURITY AND INTELLIGENCE AGENCY - written in golden yellow on a dark blue background.
The central part of the emblem is surrounded by early Croatian round interlacing-ribbon pattern, interwoven with a cross-shape pattern, giving the emblem a dynamic form and symbolizing the four corners of the world. Both stylized pattern ornaments create a well-proportioned shape. The patterns are silver.
Below the centre of the emblem, on an interlaced-ribbon pattern background, there is a golden yellow sword pointed upwards.

The conceptual basis of the emblem form corresponds to the SOA scope of work: acting in the Republic of Croatia and abroad.
The circle symbolizes the state, while the four corners of the world symbolize the world.

The state – a single entity, symbolized by a closed circle, with the state coat of arms in the middle. The circle is rounded by a stylized circular pattern dating back to the birth of the Croatian state. The pentagram under the circular pattern originates from Solin (11th century), from the coronation church of the nation’s rulers, the cradle of Croatia’s statehood. It is considered a real masterpiece of its time. In terms of shape, this part of the emblem clearly represents the continuity of Croatia’s history.

The world (abroad) – is presented by a universal symbol – corners of the world. These are not just the ‘ordinary’ corners of the world; they are a stylized derivative of St. Nicholas’ pluteum, Dubrovnik, 11th century. Why Dubrovnik? The Dubrovnik Republic had the strongest and most successful diplomacy in the long history of Croatia. It was also very successful in collecting information essential for its own security and centuries-long independence.

The sword – symbolizes a weapon (strength) which can be used in accordance with the law. The stylized sword is shaped like the early Croatian swords found in the graves of the Croatian warriors (10th and 11th century).  

Colours – used in the emblem correspond to those in the Croatian coat of arms.

Early Croatian swords found in the graves of Croatian warriors in Biskupija near Knin (10th and 11th century)

Shaping of the sword for the SOA emblem based on historical samples

Pentagram with a round interlacing-ribbon pattern, Solin, 11th century

Shaping of the SOA emblem (round pattern) based on the historical Croatian samples

Fragment of an early Croatian stone pluteum from the church of St. Nicholas in Prijeko, Dubrovnik, 11th century

Shaping of the SOA emblem based on the historical Croatian samples